5 Top Mistakes Small Businesses Make in Website Design

Web design is ever-changing. New styles enhance the creativity of web designers, improve user experience, and boost ROI for businesses. Regardless of your tools or experience, below are five small business website design flaws to avoid.

Overcrowding Pages with Details

Internet users come to your site with a particular motive, like searching for information or getting to know your brand better. Your small business website design should help your visitors to surf around more effortlessly.

If prospects find it hard to use your site, they will get frustrated and leave. Studies show that 94 percent of customers prefer interacting with websites that are easy to navigate.

A common fault in small business website design is including too many visual elements on webpages. Unfortunately, too much information and graphics can be distractive to website visitors.

Complicated navigation makes it hard for users to find what they want. Prospects who would have converted on your website move to competitors.

No Integration with Analytics Tools

Another small business website design blunder is not including a way to measure performance. Websites are investments that should give you provide a return. How do you measure success without data to analyze progress?

For the best online marketing outcomes, you must test and track every effort to fix the weak areas. Your website should integrate with web analytics tools to track and report traffic.

Analytics tools provide valuable insights into user behaviors and let you set goals for tracking conversions. You can use the data obtained to target and retarget specific audience groups with online marketing campaigns that work.

Generic Brand Messaging

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize the power of brand messaging in small business website design. Effective brand messaging is about telling a story concerning all aspects of your business. It should include details like:

  • Brand values and beliefs
  • Product and service descriptions
  • The value you can deliver
  • Your employees
  • Why your brand is unique

Your small business website design should connect with your audience on an emotional level. The content must be customer-centric, addressing the target group’s pain points and aspirations, not your desires.

Find a creative and compelling way to show your customers that you care. It doesn’t have to be exaggerated or entertaining. Be true to your brand to build trust with consumers.

Designing Exclusively for Desktops

Mobile devices surpassed desktops in web traffic from late 2016. It would be a big mistake to have a site that doesn’t support mobile users. Mobile-friendliness in small business website design is vital for many reasons.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, customers using smartphones and tablets won’t access it, meaning lost business. Secondly, Google will penalize your webpages with a low ranking.

The search engine, which most people use, considers many elements to weigh a website’s mobile-friendliness, including:

  • Spacing and usability of navigation elements
  • Readability of text on small screens
  • Page load time on mobile devices
  • Whether a site uses Flash

Considering these factors in small business website design helps with search engine optimization. Your webpages rank better in result pages, increasing your click-through rates and conversions.

No Clear Call to Action

Your website has a purpose which you can only achieve if visitors take some action. A call-to-action (CTA) is a short message that tells website users what you want them to do. It directs them to the next phase of your sales funnel.

Examples of CTA messages include:

  • Contact Us
  • Subscribe Here
  • Get Started
  • Add to Cart
  • Buy Now

A small business website design that lacks a CTA misses the point of having a website. Prospects may find the information they want, but how does that benefit you? Tell them where to go and what to do.

Do you want a website that delivers great user experience to help customers interact with your brand effortlessly? Contact us today.

When Building a Website is Like Building a House

Not wanting to be guilty of speaking “techie jargon” that the client doesn’t understand, I often use analogies to explain website options and services. While none of my analogies are perfect, I hope they make clearer some of the matters related to websites for most people.

Tract Home or Custom Home?

When selecting a platform for your website, what is more critical for you? Cost vs. Flexibility

If you were having a new home built, there are many approaches you can choose.

A tract home is typically faster to build and less expensive than designing and building a custom-built home. But you will also have less options and flexibility. For example, you can select from perhaps several available floor plans, and choose your paint color and carpeting from the options offered.

In both cases, you can bring whatever furniture (i.e., your website content) you want into each room, but perhaps that gorgeous hardwood table you inherited from your grandparents won’t fit into the tract home’s dining area. In a custom home, you can have the architect design a formal dining room around the dimensions of the table AND that antique rosewood buffet you found that complemented it so nicely. You can even install an elevator to accommodate your aging parent in your custom-designed home.

It is likely you will need to pay substantially more for a custom home, but you can specify pretty much anything you want, as long as it is possible and you have the budget for it.

Of course, just as there are many different tract home developments, there are different website platforms to select from. Each have their own pros and cons, features and functionalities, limitations, and pricing structure.

After learning about your business and website needs, UmeWorks can discuss with you the options that make sense for your specific website and budget, and the options pros and cons for each.

Teeth Cleaning vs. Root Canals

Why It is Important to Maintain Your Website’s Software

Most people don’t enjoy paying for and going for teeth cleanings and oral check-ups. However, keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy can prevent, or at least reduce the risk of, needing often painful and expensive major dental work such as root canals or gum surgery.

For those who have a WordPress-based website, or any other site that has software version updates, I strongly recommend you invest in regular software maintenance service.

Why? Because just like regular dental check-ups and teeth cleaning, most software updates are preventive health measures for your website.  Most updates are for security protection, bug fixes, and compatibility resolution. Yes, some also include new functionality as well.

Having these updates done regularly prevents potential display and functionality issues, and expensive and lengthy clean up to track down and apply a backlog of software updates from WordPress core files, patches, plugins and theme files.

UmeWorks can provide monthly software maintenance of your WordPress site and Machform script.

Are you a Wallflower at Cocktail Parties?

The Importance of Social Media Engagement

So, you’ve been proudly posting regularly to your Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. But no one is commenting or Liking your posts.

Why that may be can be a plethora of reasons (too many to cover here), but one of the reasons can be is because you are a wallflower at the cocktail party. Or worst you’re acting like BMOC*-in-your-own-mind and talking about yourself and how great you and your company are every chance you have.

Think of the other party goers’ reaction. Instead, if you introduce them to others you know and talk them up, perhaps they’ll do the same for you. Some of their friends may even come over and ask you to tell them about you.

*Big Man On Campus

I Want Red Marbles

Why You Should Choose Keyword Phrases Per Web Page

If you want some red marbles, which glass would you choose to get them?  The one on the right that contain the most red marbles, of course.

which glass would you choose to get red marbles?

Imagine that a web page is a glass full of marbles. The marbles are the words (and metadata) on that page.

If you are a local auto repair shop in Torrance and you have expertise in hybrid auto repair. You want hybrid car owners in Torrance to find you. Be sure you have a web page (glass) dedicated to hybrid auto repair so those hybrid car owners in Torrance can find you. Be sure to fill the page with the keywords hybrid auto service Torrance (red marbles).

UmeWorks can help you integrate red marbles into each page of your website.

Learn more about on-page SEO, keyword phrases and red marbles.