Project Billing

Projects are typically invoiced on a milestone basis. Most often this will consist of payments being due as follows:

  • 25% deposit for work commencement
  • 25% due at a project milestone delivery (such as design approval)
  • 40% due at development site published for review
  • balance + reimbursable expenses and project extras due within 7 days of live site publication

Consulting and Post-Publication Maintenance

For ad hoc/non-project-based services, such as consulting, website updates, website maintenance, social media updates and blog posts, time spent in a calendar work is tracked and invoiced at the start of the following month at the hourly rate in effect when services were delivered.  Payment is due Net15.

For new clients, a deposit is required for work commencement.

Accepted Payment Methods


1. ZELLE – If your bank supports Zelle, you can send payment via the Zelle app to (310) 626-5161.  Many banks do not charge a fee to use, but be sure to check with your bank first.

2. CHECKS made payable to UmeWorks, LLC and mail to: UmeWorks, LLC, 2785 Pacific Coast Hwy., #E319, Torrance, CA 90505

3. ONLINE – for our Client’s convenience, deposits and payments may also be made online with credit cards or PayPal below.
NOTE: You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card.
Add 3% to your payment to cover the online processing fee.

How To Pay Online:

A. Enter Invoice or Estimate #, if applicable, then click the purple “Pay Now” button.

B. Enter amount in the “Price per item” box.

• Enter numerals only (e.g. 250.00) – Do NOT include USD symbol ($)

• Add 3% to payment for online processing fee.

C. Click the “Continue” button.

D. Select Payment Method:

For PayPal – type in your PayPal email and Password, and click Login

For Credit Card or Debit Card – click the light gray “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button below Log In button

E. Complete Payment Processing as directed.

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